quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2018

❤ Dream Dress: Melty Chocolate!!! ❤

Por muito tempo o Melty Chocolate foi um dos meus dream dresses. Eu até cheguei a comprar uma réplica dele, mas acabei vendendo ela por não me sentir bem usando um design roubado. Sete anos depois, olhando o Facebook, descobri que a Mila estava vendendo, e finalmente pude comprá-lo!

For a long time, Melty Chocolate was one of my dream dresses. I even bought a replica of this print, but ended up selling it after wearing it once because I didn't feel right to wear a stolen design. Seven years later, just looking in Facebook as I daily do, I found out that Mila was selling her dress, and I finally could buy Melty Chocolate!

O vestido veio em um set, contendo 5 peças:
The dress came in a set of 5 pieces:
  • Melty Chocolate High Waist JSK (2009)
  • Melty Assorted Bangle (2009)
  • Melty Assorted Heart Ring Pink (2009)
  • Melty Assorted Heart Ring Brown (2009)
  • Melty Assorted Chocolate Ring Ivory (2009)

O vestido em si é muito maravilhoso! Os botões são em formato de chocolates, além da renda ser bem delicada.

The dress itself is awesome! The buttons have chocolate shapes, and the lace is very delicated and pretty.

Além do set, a Mila mandou de brinde uma cartela de adesivos da Baby, dois catálogos da coleção de primavera e verão da Jane Marple e um postcard agradecendo a compra! Foi muito legal comprar com ela; além de ela ser uma vendedora incrível, ela é uma inspiração para mim, então fico muito contente de poder ter algo que já foi dela.

Besides the set, Mila sent as a gift some stickers from Baby, two catalogs of Jane Marple's 2018 spring and summer collections, and a postcard thanking for the purchase! It was so good buying from her; She is an awesome seller and a inspiration to me, so I am so happy to have something that was hers.

Agora que tenho o Melty Chocolate, faltam as meias e o bow. Com um pouco de sorte, consegui a matching headband na Closet Child! Mal posso esperar para chegar!

Now that I own Melty Chocolate, I need the matching socks and head bow. With some luck I was able to find and buy the matching acrylic headband at Closet Child! I can't wait for it to arrive!

*Chocolate gif credits: Chibiville

quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2018

Bazar de despedida da Kakao / Kakao's Farewell Bazaar

No dia 26 de agosto aconteceu em São Paulo o Bazar de despedida da Kakao. Ficamos tristes por ela ir embora mas ao mesmo tempo desejamos tudo de melhor nessa nova etapa da vida dela. Então, sem clima triste!
Antes do Bazar, Yuri e eu fomos à Liba comer Lamen! Cada vez mais gosto mais do Lamen do Delica Hatiko! Meu favorito é o Tonkotsu Lamen!
Apesar de participarem menos pessoas do que normalmente por ter sido marcado meio em cima da hora, o Bazar estava maravilhoso! De todas as versões que participei, nessa foi a que mais consegui coisas legais!

On August 26 the Kakao Farewell Bazaar took place in São Paulo. We are sad about her leaving, but at the same time we wish all the best in this new stage of her life. So, no sad mood!
Before the Bazaar, Yuri and I went to Liberdade (a japanese neighborhood) to eat lamen! Each day I love more the Delica Hatiko's lamen! My favorite is the Tonkotsu lamen!
Although there were less people attending than usual, the Bazaar was wonderful! Considering all the versions that I participated, this was the one I got more nice things!

Chocomint bangle I got at the Bazaar and my new CCF wallet (not bought at the bazaar) just because it is cute as f***

Paris Kid's Earrings

Bodyline Wristcuffs

Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette I got from Ichigo, and Paris Kid's Earrings

Gothic Lolita Bible 52, Street Mode Book and Tokyo Girls (Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno in the english version)

Angelic Pretty head bow

Nesse dia eu usei o outfit que estive montando durante a semana anterior. Acabei comprando uma cutsew achando que as bolinhas eram brancas, e como no final eram rosas, tentei coordenar algo mais diferente.

On that day I was wearing the outfit I arranged during the previous week. I ended up buying a cutsew thinking the polka dots were white, and as they were pink in the end, I tried to coordinate something more different.
Beret: Offbrand
Pin on the beret: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet

Mais fotos/ more photos:

quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2018

Angelic Pretty haul and Coppola's Marie Antoinette ~♡

This week Mailman senpai came! It was so funny to open the boxes! I felt like the ultimate brandwhore lol. I felt like this when I finally put my hands in those boxes:

This time I got a Day Dream Carnival JSK, which is missing that belt in the front (I may end up making a new one); a Dreaming Macaron JSK with matching headbow; a Trump Carnival OP in pink - I know, you must be thinking, "You already got one of that print in red!", but I love this print and I will protect it hahaha. Also I got a Dreaming Macaron cutsew - which I was surprised the polka dots are more vibrant pink than in the photos, some headbows, including Memorial Cake headbow (what a find!) to match my Memorial Cake JSK, and some socks, including Fruits Parlor OTKs in Pink, that match both Dreaming Macaron and Fruits Parlor JSK in mint.

Also, I am happy that I could finally buy the DVD of Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" from 2006. I think I am the only lolita who didn't watched it until now, but as my current obsession is Antoinette since I finished Versailles no Bara, I needed to watch this movie so badly! I was lucky that I could find it almost promptly at Lojas Americanas between shelves and shelves full of DVDs, and paid just $5 for it!

Besides being an adaptation, I liked it very much. My favorite thing is when they put an imaginary Antoinette saying that famous "let them eat cake" and then the "real" Antoinette saying "I would never say that!". 

domingo, 29 de julho de 2018

Country Meeting ~17/06/2018

No dia 17 de junho aconteceu em São Paulo o Country Meeting. Organizado pela Annah e pela Amy, a proposta do meeting era aproveitar os festejos juninos. Como sempre recebemos palavras ofensivas nas ruas dizendo “você vai para uma festa junina?”, o tema do meeting finalmente possibilitava dizer “ Sim, estou indo!”, tanto que, quando eu me dirigia à rodoviária, três caras bêbados perguntaram “vai à festa junina?” e começaram a cantar a música de festa junina. Eu fiquei com vontade de abrir meu grande acervo de palavrões e xingar até a décima geração dessas criaturas, mas lembrei “ah eu vou”, e ignorei o indivíduo.

On June 17th the Country Meeting took place in São Paulo. Organized by Annah and Amy, the proposal of the meeting was to take advantage of the June celebrations. As we always get offensive words on the streets saying "are you going to a June Party?", the theme of the meeting finally made it possible to say "Yes, I'm going!", so much so that when I went to the bus station, three drunken guys asked " AQre you going to the June party? "and began to sing musics from June Parties. I wanted to open my big pile of swearing words and curse up to the tenth generation of these creatures, but I remembered "oh I will," and ignored the scumbags.
Hat: customized by me
Necklace (which was turned when I took the photo): Oh Candy
Blouse: selfmade
Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet
Bag: Angelic Pretty

Chegamos em São Paulo bem cedo, quase pela hora do almoço. Fomos almoçar no Hatiko, como é de costume pra mim, mas foi a primeira vez para meu namorado. Achei bem legal deles terem uma opção vegetariana para servir para ele; na viagem toda fiquei imaginando se seria difícil ter algo assim lá, pois ele estava com muita vontade de experimentar o ramen que eu tanto comento haha. Definitivamente o Hatiko é meu restaurante favorito na Liberdade!
Depois de comer, fomos comprar o chá que tanto a Yui recomenda; Esse chá é maravilhoso! Ele tem uma embalagem linda em formato de livro, que já virou brinquedo das Pullips. Logo após fomos à Livraria Sol e meu namorado me deu de presente uma Gothic & Lolita Bible! Já estou com 24 volumes, espero que consiga todos um dia.
Nossa próxima parada foi o Tea Station, para tomar Bubble tea com pobá. Esse meu namorado nunca havia experimentado, mas gostou bastante – apesar de ambos nós preferirmos com as bolhas que estouram.

We arrived in Sao Paulo very early, almost at lunch time. We went to lunch at Hatiko, as usual for me, but it was the first time for my boyfriend. I thought it was nice of them to have a vegetarian option to serve him; on the whole trip I wondered if it would be difficult to have something like that there, because he wanted so much to try the ramen that I comment so much haha. Definitely Hatiko is my favorite restaurant in Liberdade!

After eating, we went to buy the tea that Yui always recommends; and it is so wondeful! It has a lovely book-shaped package, which has already become the Pullips toy. Soon after we went to Sol Bookstore and my boyfriend gave me a Gothic & Lolita Bible! I already have 24 volumes, I hope I can get all of them one day.

Our next stop was Tea Station, to take Bubble tea with pobá. This one my boyfriend had never tried, but he liked it a lot - although we both prefer with the bubbles that burst.

Uma publicação compartilhada por Ana Carolina (@teaandmacarons) em

De lá fomos ao meeting. As meninas estavam todas lindíssimas! O meeting estava muito animado e cheio de comida! Minha comida favorita do meeting sem dúvida foi a pamonha que a Amy fez! Estava deliciosa! Fiquei a maior parte do meeting conversando sobre os hábitos (não) higiênicos dos moradores de Versailles e dei tanta risada que acabei chorando de tanto rir e meus cílios descolaram e a maquiagem inteira foi estragada, mas sem dúvida valeu as risadas! Acabei nem tirando muitas fotos, tivemos de ir embora bem mais cedo. E já no fim do meet ganhei um valentine super fofo!
From there we went to the meeting. The girls were all beautiful! The meeting was very lively and full of food! My favorite food of the meeting was certainly the pamonha that Amy cooked! It was delicious! I stayed most of the meeting talking about the (un) hygienic habits of the residents of Versailles and I laught out loud so much that I ended up crying from laughing and my eyelashes took off and the whole makeup was ruined, but no doubt it was worth the laughter! I did not even take many pictures, as we had to leave a lot earlier. And already at the end of the meet I got a super cute valentine!

Créditos: Annah

Créditos: Annah

Créditos: Annah

É assim que gosto de meeting!

Olha o jogo do Brasil!

Eu fiquei meio triste que mandei as fotos pra Kera mas eles não publicaram todas e acabaram repetindo uma no post, mas tomara que na próxima dê tudo certo e publiquem todas as que eu mandar.
Já estou com saudades de ir pra São Paulo! Vamos ver se consigo ir logo!

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